About us


  • TO HELP families celebrate a life and mourn the loss of someone they loved.
  • TO PROVIDE caring, professional service to families experiencing a death.
  • TO SERVE families of all faiths and cultures with sensitivity and compassion.
  • TO DEVELOP a relationship of trust with the families we serve, our community, our staff, and our suppliers.
  • TO EDUCATE families and the community so that informed decisions can be made during times of vulnerability and emotional stress.
  • TO ENCOURAGE families to consider the value of pre-planning and pre-paying funeral arrangements.
  • TO SERVE families as we would treat our own families with tenderness, dignity and respect.


Honesty and Integrity

We will strive to be recognized as an organization of the highest ethical standards and unquestioned integrity in our relationships with the families we serve, suppliers, and fellow employees.

Quality of Service

We want the families we serve to feel confident that their expectations of service and value were met and exceeded.


We believe that families should have the freedom and encouragement to choose the form of ceremony or tribute that is meaningful to them.


We are dedicated to the growth, development and professionalism of our staff. We will provide a work environment which encourages: excellence, accountability, safety, trust and compassion, and which serves as a model for the dignity, respect and service we expect our staff to demonstrate towards the families we serve.